Processless plates

Process plates in less than 40 minutes

Flenex processing is 50% faster than thermal and other water-wash technologies, and 30% faster than leading solvent systems. When combined with a Fujifilm processor, plate making times are reduced to less than 40 minutes - that's an incredible 300% faster than solvent systems. You can produce more plates in less time, resulting in faster job turnaround and more output per shift.

Rely on Flenex to produce outstanding quality, consistently

Fast processing system doesn't mean a compromise on quality. The ’s unique integral flat top dot minimises dot gain, achieving cleaner, crisper, brighter print results. The rubber-based compound that forms the foundation of the Flenex plate is not oxygen sensitive, so this minimises the effect oxygen has on the dot shape. It is also very durable, so expect consistent, stable image quality throughout the run from first to last print.

Plate minimises dot gain
Flenex plates are compatible with leading flexo LAM CTP devices

No need to change your ink, CTP or processor

Flenex plates are compatible with leading flexo LAM CTP devices, as well as with the main water-wash processors from across the industry. And, both the analogue and digital versions of Flenex can be used with any UV, water-based or solvent-based inks.

Increase production efficiency, reduce costs

The simplicity of processing Flenex plates means that higher cost solvent and thermal processors aren’t needed, and you avoid the additional cost of all the associated consumables, too. Add to this the usual high energy costs and hefty waste disposal bills and you can soon see how the Flenex system represents the lowest cost in use for the production of flexo plates. Because of its excellent durability, the plate performs longer on press too, resulting in a reduction in downtime for plate changes.

Reduce downtime from plate changes

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Combine Flenex with a Fujifilm selected processor for the ultimate water-wash system

C-Touch MK2

Fujifilm selected water-wash processors deliver optimum performance with Flenex (less than 40 minutes processing time). The C-Touch MK2 and SB-UNIT MK2 systems offer a choice of manual or automated working methods, reliable and robust design and best-in-class waste-water capabilities.



Flenex ticks all the right boxes: it’s a premium product at an affordable price, it has great ink transfer and high durability on long runs, and it’s the perfect flexo plate product for the broad range of customers we deal with.”


Business Development Manager, MPH Ltd

Flenex technology for advanced water washable flexo plates

Flenex Water-Wash Plate Technology

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