Acuity LED 1600II

Ultra-versatile hybrid with LED UV technology

The latest generation of this successful LED UV hybrid printer is now even faster and more versatile, with simultaneous colour, white and clear ink printing. Powered by Fujifilm’s leading printhead and ink technologies, this is a reliable production machine built to deliver exceptional results.

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Cost-effective LED UV technology

The Acuity LED 1600 II is built to produce exceptional print results in the most environmentally friendly way, with low energy LED UV curing technology. LED lamps consume far less energy than conventional UV and last up to ten times longer so have a positive impact on the total cost of ownership.

Robust build, reliable production

Acuity LED printers are built for continuous printing, with some owners running them 24/7. This is because the Fujifilm Dimatix industrial printheads, which have a track record of long service life, are carefully matched with our high performance Uvijet LED ink, to deliver ultra-reliable performance.

Wide application range

Produce a wide range of applications on roll and rigid materials, including display graphics, signage, decals, environmental graphics and packaging prototypes. Low energy LEDs also allow the use of heat-sensitive media without deformation or shrinkage, and high impact prints can also be used to create durable architectural graphics.

Added value, creative printing

Simultaneous two or three-layer printing with colour, white and clear inks provides the ability to produce high value creative prints that can expand your service offer.

Ultra-versatile, high value printer

The Acuity LED 1600II is the most versatile printer in its class with its eight colour channels, including white and clear. It can print standard applications day-in, day-out and is perfect for interior decor and even packaging prototypes. Quickly switch between roll and rigid printing for added versatility.

Discover more about our wide range of Acuity print solutions in our downloadable book.


Download our Acuity book

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It is an outstanding printer for fine art, detailed and delicate work, and very cost-effective for low volume runs, which gives us the capability to print the highest quality print on demand and profitably.


Print Manager, AB Print Group

Key Features

The Acuity LED 1600II has a whole host of features to maximise your productivity and quality

Colour-white-colour layer printing

Print colour-white-colour layers in one pass for double-sided images on transparent materials.

Fujifilm Dimatix printheads

Uses eight Q-class printheads. These high frequency heads are both precise, fast, and have a track record of long life in high performance production.

Print on a wide range of materials

Fujifilm Uvijet inks offer excellent adhesion to a wide range of standard roll and rigid media and interesting materials like coloured media, clear media and mirror board.

8 colour Fujifilm Uvijet ink set

Includes CMYK, light cyan, light magenta, white and clear inks as standard. Light inks enhance colour reproduction, producing smooth tonal images like skin tones, vignettes and lighter solid colours.

Clear and white ink

Clear ink offers the luxury to highlight or enhance print with high-gloss spot finishes. High density white ink can be used to produce creative effects on clear and coloured media.

Near photographic quality images

Achieve smooth tones and outstanding close-up clarity thanks to light inks, variable drop printheads and precise dot gain control. VersaDrop™ multi-pulse jetting delivers droplets of different sizes according to the definition needed by the image to produce smooth changes in tone.

Acuity LED 1600II Case Studies

Discover the range of customers already taking advantage of the Acuity LED 1600II.


Open doors with an Acuity LED 1600II

The Acuity LED 1600II handles standard print applications superbly. What’s more, customers are generating new business and increasing profits by branching into less conventional, higher value printing applications such as interior decor, packaging prototypes,  graphic overlays and more!


The ultra-versatile, hybrid Acuity LED 1600II, with simultaneous colour, clear and white ink printing, opens the door to many sign & display applications.


Create bespoke architectural elements and interior decor by printing with high-quality digital on many substrates. Your imagination is the limit for retail, hospitality and other commercial spaces.


The Acuity LED 1600II is ideal for printing prototype packaging, thanks to the quality it can produce, and its ability to print white and clear inks.


Digital can enhance your print production by introducing a faster, simpler and more cost-effective process than screen printing.

You can also discover more about our wide range of Acuity print solutions in our Acuity book.


Be greener with an Acuity

UV and UV LED technology have many environmental benefits

At Fujifilm, we’re committed to a greener future for print. Energy-efficient curing systems, including UV LED, help save on energy use. In fact, we’ve looked at how much energy Acuity printers use compared to other major platforms, and the results are impressive. Acuity has been shown to use significantly less.

What’s more, Fujifilm’s Uvijet inks meet some of the most stringent product emissions standards in the world, making them a safe, high-quality UV ink suitable for a vast array of industries and uses. They’re manufactured at our award-winning facility in Broadstairs, United Kingdom, which is a zero-to-landfill site and powered largely by an onsite solar energy system.

The Uvijet LL LED inks used in the Acuity LED 1600II have been GREENGUARD Gold certified and approved by Eurofins to AgBB standards.

Our low-odour inks make for a safer working environment

Energy-efficient curing systems, including UV LED, help save on energy use and bills

Low ink consumption reduces the ongoing use and cost of consumables

The Uvijet LL LED inks used in the Acuity LED 1600II have been GREENGUARD Gold certified and approved by Eurofins to AgBB standards.

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