Acuity for Metal Can Decoration

The robust high quality inkjet system

Offset printing in the metal can decoration market has long been regarded as the industry standard. The precision of offset has allowed the industry to develop extremely high quality imagery and text across a multitude of applications. However, in recent years the proliferation of designs, the move to ‘just in time’ ordering and the reduction in lead times has led to shorter run lengths.

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Meet (and drive) demand with inkjet technology

Rapid advances in inkjet technology continue to change the way print is produced and it is now a viable alternative to traditional processes for many wide format, packaging and industrial applications. A key advantage of UV-cured inkjet systems is not only excellent productivity, quality and versatility, but exceptional durability due to the way the ink is instantly cured through polymerisation.

UV inkjet: the power to transform metal can decoration

UV inkjet is a technology that was pioneered by Fujifilm and Inca Digital, with the launch of the first dedicated flatbed system in 2001. Today, Fujifilm’s UV inkjet portfolio includes some of the most powerful inkjet printers in the industry, with the Company combining this technology with its experience of supplying offset plate systems to the metal packaging industry, to create an inkjet solution for printing flat tinplate and aluminium sheets.

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The efficient way to produce short runs

Eliminate all the time and costly preparation of offset

Inkjet is an ideal technology to complement offset as it offers scope for can makers to widen their business opportunities and profit from shorter run jobs and bespoke applications. It is a highly efficient process suitable for ultra-fast turnarounds – you just send a PDF to the press and print, eliminating all the timely and costly preparation and set up parameters of an offset press, along with all plate production and pre-press. Printed sheets can be handled immediately and print quality and consistency is guaranteed, with no on-press adjustments necessary.

Instant curing UV

UV inkjet printing uses UV light to instantly cure the ink by polymerisation after it has been jetted onto the material. With Fujifilm’s specially designed UV inks for tinplate printing, this offers the following benefits:

  • The finish is fully adjustable from satin to high gloss and even a combination of the two
  • The cured UV ink film is a tough, durable polymer film which actually provides a protective layer for the tinplate. In some cases there may even be no need for over- varnishing
  • The ink film has excellent resistance to heat, impact and stretch from additional processes like side striping, punching and formin

Featured print applications


Digital inkjet printing reduces preparation time and costs, and virtually eliminates waste.


With Fujifilm’s inkjet system for metal printing, the turnaround time for short run jobs is much lower than with traditional processes.


Eliminate the cost of setting up samples and small runs. Print high quality digital to impress customers and win more work.


Eliminate the cost of setting up samples and small runs. Print high quality digital to impress customers and win more work.

Ready to transform your business

Fujifilm’s inkjet system for metal printing is a highly profitable solution for short run jobs, enabling can makers to turn this type of work around much faster. Even one-off proofs can be made on the same press. It also offers near-offset print quality, producing prints with high visual impact, but with stronger, more vibrant colours. Furthermore on every print from first to last, and every subsequent reprint, the colours remain exactly the same – a level of consistency which is very hard to reproduce with traditional offset.

Fujifilm’s inkjet technologies offer many benefits for the decoration of metal packaging

  • The most cost-effective way to print one-offs or print runs of hundreds of pieces
  • Provides the fastest possible job turnaround times, with the ability to print just in time
  • Enables the endless customisation of print campaigns
  • Eliminates offset pre-press costs, as there is no need for printing plates, blankets or wash-up solvents
  • Reduces waste in the supply chain
  • Offers superb colour reproduction, with excellent print-to-print consistency
  • Print is instantly dry and can be stacked or finished straight away

Our low-odour inks make for a safer working environment

Energy-efficient curing systems, including UV LED, help save on energy use and bills

Low ink consumption reduces the ongoing use and cost of consumables

Our Uvijet inks have been certified safe for indoor applications by GREENGUARD, AgBB and Nordic Swan.

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