Acuity Prime

The benchmark platform for cost-effective, versatile print production

A true flatbed with a unique, exceptional design, the Acuity Prime offers high quality printing on a range of rigid and flexible media, supported by five dedicated vacuum zones and a jettable primer. It has been designed with the operator in mind, and is available with a superb return on investment.

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Improve your price/ performance ratio

The Acuity Prime offers reliable speeds of up to 150m2/hr on almost any flexible and rigid media with an LED curing system that is immediately ready for use in standby mode. With variable drop-size printheads and highly pigmented inks, Acuity Prime printers lay down a thin ink film, minimising production costs, and in combination with a competitive system price, support an excellent ROI.

Produce a wide range of applications

With outstanding image quality and excellent adhesion to a broad range of rigid and flexible media, materials and objects, the Acuity Prime can produce an amazing variety of printed products for distance and close viewing. The vacuum table can handle almost any sheet material, securing both rigid and flexible media perfectly for high quality print across every sheet.

Expand your creative options

The option to print with white and clear inks, and to print directly to almost any material in perfect registration, enables Acuity Prime printers to produce high value, creative work. And versatility is extended, thanks to the optional jettable primer, meaning it is possible to print on a wide variety of industrial media, opening doors to further revenue streams.

Designed with the operator in mind

At Fujifilm we understand the value of production time and the importance of usability, so we designed the Acuity Prime with the operator in mind. With a new and user-friendly GUI, easy clean printhead maintenance, a dedicated nozzle check zone and visible status lights for the ink tanks, operators are able to spend less time maintaining the machine and more time printing.

Download our Acuity book

We’ve created an attractive and useful little book to give you more information about the application possibilities, profitability and quality of our Acuity range. Enter your details here to download a digital version or click here to request a hard copy.

In terms of a next generation machine compared to the previous Acuity flatbed, the increased print productivity combined with a seemingly reduced ink consumption shows a very promising cost-in-use potential.

Peter Onyskiw

Director of Operations at echo studios ltd

Key Features

The Acuity Prime has a whole host of features to maximise your productivity and quality

Dedicated flatbed design

The dedicated flatbed design with media registration pins ensures accurate registration for edge-to-edge printing of larger layouts over multiple boards, even with multiple print passes.

Compact footprint

Acuity Prime printers are built to fit into compact spaces and the accessible design gives you flexibility in the way you work around the machine.

Registration pins

Pneumatic registration pins enable quick, repeatable and easy loading of rigid media in perfect registration.

Colour channel options

The Acuity Prime can be configured with either 4, 5, 6 or 7 colour channels. The channels are populated with ink sets that best suit your application needs, including CMYK, white, clear and a jettable primer for excellent adhesion to more industrial media types.

Vacuum zones

Five dedicated vacuum zones tailored to common media sizes reduce the amount of bed masking required and enable quick media changeover. An adjustable vacuum strength provides optimum handling for different media.

New Uvijet HM inks for versatile applications

The Uvijet HM ink range is a high quality LED UV curable inkjet ink that has been specially developed for Acuity Prime printers. The range offers very good dot reproduction and light-fast colours, and will adhere to a range of rigid and flexible materials to produce high quality vibrant images day-in-day-out.

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Be greener with an Acuity

UV and UV LED technology have many environmental benefits

At Fujifilm, we’re committed to a greener future for print. Energy-efficient curing systems, including UV LED, help save on energy use. In fact, we’ve looked at how much energy Acuity printers use compared to other major platforms, and the results are impressive. Acuity has been shown to use significantly less.

What’s more, Fujifilm’s Uvijet inks meet some of the most stringent product emissions standards in the world, making them a safe, high-quality UV ink suitable for a vast array of industries and uses. They’re manufactured at our award-winning facility in Broadstairs, United Kingdom, which is a zero-to-landfill site and powered largely by an onsite solar energy system.

The Acuity Prime can be used with Uvijet HM LED UV curable ink.

Our low-odour inks make for a safer working environment

Energy-efficient curing systems, including UV LED, help save on energy use and bills

Low ink consumption reduces the ongoing use and cost of consumables

The Acuity Select can be used with Uvijet KO, KN, KA and KV UV curable inks.

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