Acuity for Thermoforming

Open up new opportunities for short-run, customised thermoform designs

Historically, designs pre-printed on thermoformed mouldings have used the screen print process. However, because of screen’s lengthy and painstaking pre-press set up, it’s a process best suited to long runs and standard designs. Inkjet, by contrast, offers much lower setup costs, with faster turnaround times, meaning shorter run lengths and bespoke, customised designs become much more cost effective and practical.

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Inkjet opens up new opportunities

Inkjet printing opens up many creative design and customisation opportunities for printed thermoformed products. You can produce a one-off print in a matter of minutes and thermoform it straight away, or you can produce a long run of prints, each with a slight variation in the design. The creative possibilities with this process, paired with our state-of-the art thermoforming print machine means that designs are limited only by a designer’s imagination, with near-photographic image quality and a wide gamut of vibrant colours at their disposal.

Thermoforming – undergoing a creative renaissance

As a market-leading ink manufacturer and printer distributor, Fujifilm has used its in-house expertise to push out into a number of new markets, with light industrial applications and processes being a good example. One such process is thermoforming, an application undergoing a creative renaissance, where inkjet technologies can help thermoformers offer premium value print and create new business opportunities such as flexible packaging printing.

It’s all about the ink

Regular UV-cured inkjet ink has an inherent disadvantage for thermoforming in that it dries to a brittle finish. To overcome this, Fujifilm developed an entirely new UV ink range especially for thermoforming: Uvijet KV. As well as being able to reproduce strong, vibrant, long-lasting colours, Uvijet KV is extremely flexible, even after curing, able to be heated, deformed and then cooled without cracking or flaking, thus making it the ideal thermoforming print machine.

Pure ingredients, exacting process

To work perfectly every time, Uvijet KV’s ingredients must be absolutely pure, which entails setting rigorous standards for suppliers even before manufacturing starts. Then the whole process undergoes strict scrutiny and testing at each stage. Without ultra-pure ingredients the ink would be susceptible to flaking and cracking, leaving the moulded part of the final product with surface defects. Uvijet KV is a demanding ink to make, but the results are worth it.

Acuity flatbed printers

Uvijet KV was purpose-designed for the Acuity range of high performance flatbed inkjet printers - these are some of the most successful high-definition, mid-range printer platforms in the world with known reliability and owner satisfaction. Apart from the use of Uvijet KV ink, the Acuity printers used for thermoforming plastics are unmodified.

Our Acuity flatbed printers are perfect for thermoforming applications. To learn more, download our Acuity range guide here.


Download our Acuity book

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Acuity flatbed printers for thermoforming

Uvijet KV inks were purpose-designed for the Acuity flatbed range of printers; part of the most successful high-definition, mid-range wide format inkjet printer platform in the world, with over 4,000 units installed to date.

Near-photographic images, pinpoint accuracy

For instance, the Acuity Select printer features a flatbed measuring 1.25 by 2.5m (double for the X2 version), capable of printing up to 35m2 per hour (64.2m2 per hour for the HS version) using four, six or eight colour channels. In terms of output, Acuity is a workhorse, requiring on average less than an hour’s maintenance per week. The Acuity’s print heads use variable drop technology.

Each drop of ink is formed individually to a size between 6 and 42 picolitres, offering a print quality visually equivalent to 1440dpi. Compared to standard fixed-drop-size inkjet printers, the results are sharp and precise with smooth transitions and quarter tones, and clear text as small as three- or four-point reversed. A multi-zoned vacuum table ensures accurate registration on multiple passes.


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Acuity thermoforming case studies

These customers are benefiting from the Acuity range of printers for their thermoforming production.


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Uvijet KV

Inkjet inks designed for thermoforming

We’ve designed Uvijet KV inks to be extremely flexible, even after curing. They must heat, deform, and then cool without cracking or flaking.

Features of Uvijet KV inks are:
• Elongation up to an incredible 1000%
• Form at temperatures between 150 and 200oC
• Suitable for printing on polystyrene, PETG, polycarbonate, acrylic, PVC, ABS
• UV cured for immediate use
• Anti-reflective, low satin finish

Our low-odour inks make for a safer working environment

Energy-efficient curing systems, including UV LED, help save on energy use and bills

Low ink consumption reduces the ongoing use and cost of consumables

Our Uvijet inks have been certified safe for indoor applications by GREENGUARD, AgBB and Nordic Swan.

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