Imagine the possibilities with a Jet Press 750S

Discover the technology that makes it unique, learn from customer success stories and find out what a Jet Press 750S could do for your business.

We imagined the technology

…and made it happen.

The Jet Press 750S is the product of Fujifilm’s decades of experience and expertise in leading world-class print and inkjet systems. It combines the absolute best of both worlds of offset and digital printing. Find out more about what makes it such a unique and extraordinary machine and and get in touch to talk with one of our print experts about how it could solve some of the challenges you face in today’s market and drive your business forward.

Inkjet technology
Inkjet press

Inkjet in a league of its own

Jet Press 750S features proven, proprietary Fujifilm Inkjet Technology integrated into an inkjet press like no other. Such as the next generation of SAMBATM inkjet printheads. These are the most advanced printheads available today – delivering single-pass printing at 1200 dpi, 4-level grayscale.

The perfect blend of old and new

Jet Press 750S gives you the qualities of offset with the advantages of digital. Benefit from the consistent ultra high quality and reliability of offset. With the quick turnaround speed, high productivity and customisation capabilities of digital.

Download our beautiful, 150-page Jet Press book to find out everything there is to know about the Jet Press. Get in touch to request a hard copy printed on a Jet Press.

Jet press book

Download the Jet Press book

We’ve created a beautifully designed book to give you more information about the proven technology, ultra high quality, productivity, versatility and profitability of Jet Press. Enter your details here to download a digital version or click here to request a hard copy.

We've raised the quality bar

Jet Press 750S delivers ultra high quality. The quality is truly better than offset – just ask our customers! Get great detail and brighter, more vibrant images. A large colour gamut – able to hit up to 90% of the Pantone library – ensures the print you produce stands out from the crowd. And with Samba printheads and VersaDrop technology, delivering 1200 x 1200 dpi resolutions and greyscale dots, together with real time, closed loop quality control, you are guaranteed superb results, time after time.

Colour registration accuracy better than offset

The loupe doesn’t lie

Colour registration accuracy is better than offset. Why? Because the offset paper handling system delivers superb sheet-to-sheet registration, and the dot accuracy delivered by Samba printheads is second to none. 

Print consistency

Time after time, print after print…

The Jet Press 750S delivers consistency across every sheet and every run from start to finish. This is down to the performance of our new VIVIDIA inks which deliver consistent results on the widest range of standard offset papers.

See the ultra high quality of Jet Press 750S for yourself.

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The fastest full colour, B2 sheet-fed digital press

With a press speed of 3600 sheets per hour, the Jet Press 750S will transform your ability to produce short run print. And with a raft of new technologies to improve up-time even further, optimise sheet drying, reduce paper jams and simplify maintenance, the Jet Press 750S will allow you to take on more work and get more sheets on the floor than with multiple toner digital presses.

A true workhorse short run press

  • Eliminate all the preparation and set up time of an offset press
  • Enjoy press up-time comparable to offset to maximise productivity
  • Turn around jobs ultra-fast with 3600 sheets per hour press speed
  • Improve finishing times with collated printing and dry sheets

Download the Jet Press ‘day in the life’ infographic

Discover how productive a Jet Presscan be in a day. See how many B2 sheets and printed sides it can handle and how many job changes you can achieve. See what variety and types of jobs you can produce. And compare this to offset.

Designed to be versatile

Because of its versatility, Jet Press 750S superbly handles a wide variety of applications – from high-value customised items to packaging. Because the quality of finish you get from Jet Press 750S is so high, you can expand into high-end print applications without investing in more offset equipment.

A better environmental solution

With a Jet Press 750S, recycling is easier. Fujifilm inks, combined with our unique Rapid Coagulation Primer technology, ensure the ink doesn't sink into the paper, resulting in better deinkability. In fact, the International Association of the Deinking Industry (INGEDE) gave it 85 out of a possible 100 points, making it on a par with offset.

They imagined the possibilities

…and the Jet Press exceeded expectations.

There’s no single typical Jet Press owner. But they all have two things in common: the drive to stand out from the crowd and increase profitability. From high-end commercial printers, to dedicated packaging experts – those who’ve invested in a Jet Press have priceless insights and inspiring success stories to share. Here’s just a glimpse. Download our Jet Press case study book to read a whole lot more.

Jet press 720s
Move from offset

Download the case study book

Discover the stories of over 30 Jet Press owners producing a wide variety of applications. Understand the challenges they faced, aspects of their business strategies and how investing in a Jet Press, or even two, proved to be a wise business decision.

Success of first Jet Press 720S saw third investment

Straub Druck & Medien AG

The performance and quality produced by the Jet Press 720S had been so outstandingly good that we took the decision to invest in a second press to help us meet the continued growth in our digital services.

Francisco Martinez

CEO, Straub Druck & Medien AG

Print to be proud of

Impressed Druk en Print

The full colour gamut and high quality produced by the Jet Press 720S is really impressing our customers, many of whom are design and advertising agencies for whom the highest quality is critical. They love the sharpness and clarity of the colours and are demanding that more and more of their orders are printed on the Jet Press 720S rather than our existing offset presses.

Bas Gravesteijn

Director, Impressed Druk en Print

The best inkjet technology in action

Greenshires Group

We knew it was good – but it wasn’t until we saw it in action at Drupa this year that we appreciated just how good it really is. The Fujifilm Inkjet Technology that drives it seems to be becoming something of an industry benchmark.

Richard Dalby

Managing Director, Greenshires Group

Excellent up-time


The excellent up-time means that the Jet Press should produce more work than many faster digital presses.


Operations Director, CPI Books

Creating opportunities

Kingfisher Press

It’s not just an extra piece of kit, it’s a gateway to a whole new revenue stream for us, both with existing customers and new ones.

Jon Doidge

Co-director, Kingfisher Press

Imagine what a Jet Press 750S

could do for your business

Imagine receiving a personalised analysis

GetFIT is a web based comparison tool that helps print service providers discover the likely benefits of the Jet Press compared to offset printing. Based on your specific jobs and requirements, getFIT can estimate ink usage as well as the cost and speed of printing and provide a real-life comparison between Jet Press and your existing offset printing processes.

To receive a personalised getFIT analysis, get in touch today.

Imagine standing out from the crowd

Print is competitive. Creating an edge that sets you apart is imperative. Jet Press 750S can help you blaze a trail into new, profitable, high-value markets.

Imagine print quality so high it creates new opportunities

Jet Press quality is so consistently high, and the colour gamut so impressive, that print customers are known to demand that work is printed with Jet Press 720S rather than offset.

Imagine saying YES! when others can’t

Print a run of 50 at better-than-offset quality without hesitation. Print 30 like-for-like offset jobs in a day without breaking a sweat.

Imagine moving into new markets

Offer more than you do today. The versatility of Jet Press 750S not only allows you to improve your existing business, it can help you diversify with new applications – such as packaging – and take you into new markets.

Imagine the possibilities for your business

Jet Press 750S can create new opportunities for your business. Take the lead by investing in the most advanced and proven digital inkjet press on the market.

Interested in finding out more?

Talk with us today about any aspects of your print process and what Jet Press 750S is truly capable of. We know a lot about the challenges print companies face. And can offer useful and insightful information about how inkjet technology can enhance and drive printroom success.

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