LED UV curing systems
Protect the planet and your profits

Activ, Fujifilm's LED UV curing system, in combination with a range of high performance LED UV inks, is available to convert any traditional UV press to LED UV curing to deliver far reaching improvements. Increased productivity, greater application versatility, lower costs and a reduced impact on the environment are just a few of the benefits that this system can add to your production.

1. Improve productivity and quality

2. Reduce energy consumption, labour and waste costs

3. Become more sustainable

1. Improve your productivity and quality

Due to the much lower operating temperatures of the LED UV curing systems, productivity and quality improvements are significant. Not only can press speeds be increased by up to 50%, but job set up and make ready times are much lower, and with a noticeable reduction of press downtime, productivity gains are significantly increased.

Improvements in quality are also possible as the impact of the heat from the UV lamps is removed, with better registration and less substrate distortion as a result of the heat generated by conventional UV.

2. Reductions in energy, materials, labour and waste

With reductions in power of up to 90% made possible by the use of LED UV lamps, cost savings can be made across the entire production process. Alongside these energy savings, material usage and waste are also reduced, and the lower maintenance required to support an LED UV curing system results in a much lower number of replacement parts and associated labour costs.

Up to 90%
energy saving compared to conventional curing systems
Secure your capital investment and prolong your machine utilisation
VOCs are eliminated when running at full LED capabilities and the lower amounts of materials used and waste produced all benefit the environment.

3. Create a more sustainable production process with an improved working environment

The cool running LED UV curing systems have significantly less impact on the environment. This improvement can then be used as a unique selling point to differentiate your company when discussing new business with brand owners.

Not only is energy dramatically reduced but VOCs are eliminated and lower material usage and subsequent waste all improve sustainability. The working environment for operators is also enhanced, with many undesirable factors eliminated, including heat from the conventional UV lamps, noise and odour.

Ready to give LED UV a go?

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Ready to give LED UV a go?

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Want to find out more?

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High performance inks to compliment
your LED UV curing system

Green ink

The comprehensive range of Sericol LED UV curing ink systems are specifically designed to maximise throughput and simplify the production process. This is possible due to the vast attention to detail focussed on key areas such as innovation, colour management, process improvement, consistent quality and technical support.

Sericol image
Extremely fast curing and wide adhesion range
A full range of inks with strong vybrant colours, including a Pantone System

Sericol Flexo JJ LED UV inks

Sericol Flexo JJ is an ultra-fast cured, high gloss LED UV flexo ink system, which like the well known JD ink range, incorporates a range of colours, process inks, metallic shades and specialist products.

The exceptionally fast cure speed of Flexo JJ enables a wide range of anilox volumes to be used, which allows for deeper saturated colours in the final print.

Sericol Flexo Sleeve White inks

Fujifilm’s Sericol UV ink ranges contain a number of products specifically designed for production of shrink sleeves. Whilst the standard range of colours perform perfectly with the shrink sleeve process, this range of whites is specifically designed to optimise not only the appearance of the printed sleeve, but to ensure the best performance at all points of sleeve production.

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