The Really Sustainable Production Show

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them

Wednesday 24th February 2021
10.30 UK, 11.30 CET

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With every crisis comes an opportunity. We must respond to the challenge to reduce our carbon emissions and meet the commitments made by most countries, as part of the Paris agreement in 2015. Switching to renewable energy can only achieve a 55% reduction, so the remaining 45% must be met through changing the way we manufacture and use raw materials. And so the challenge to produce print in a sustainable way becomes an opportunity for us all. Join us as we bring together experts and change-makers in this field and ask them to present the facts in a clear and actionable way.

Caring for the environment does not mean compromising on quality, productivity or profitability. Discover how print and communication companies across Europe are meeting the needs and sustainability goals with the latest print technologies.

Our guests:

Jo Stephenson -
PHD Consultants, industry experts specialising in packaging and the environment

Axel Fischer -
INGEDE - International Association of the Deinking Industry