Acuity for Interiors

Extraordinary printed interiors with inkjet

Fujifilm Acuity printers, combined with high performance inks, give you the power to transform spaces with stunning printed interior graphical decor and architectural elements.

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A world of possibilities for creative interiors

The versatility and image quality produced by our Acuity printers provides a world of possibilities for creative printed interior decoration. UV technology enables productive printing on a wide range of materials and our LED UV models can even print on heat sensitive thin film media. In addition, our low Volatile Organic Compound inks meet rigorous environmental and safety certification demands, making them ideal for interior installations.

Vibrant high quality & cost effective

Whether it’s to create a charming artisan aesthetic for a shop or restaurant, a sleek and sophisticated finish for a cutting-edge office space, or bring a retail space to life - vibrant, creative print produced on an Acuity direct to substrate printer is ideal. It’s a cost-effective, easy way to decorate any interior space with stunning print.

Download our Acuity book

We’ve created an attractive and useful little book to give you more information about the application possibilities, profitability and quality of our Acuity range. Enter your details here to download a digital version or click here to request a hard copy.

How can inkjet create amazing interior spaces?

Our Acuity series of printers and specialist inks are perfect for producing a wide range of printed material for indoor use. The technology is robust, reliable and truly world class. Combined with our high-performance inks, Acuity printers produce strong, vibrant images for a range of applications -

• Printed Wallcoverings
• Digital Textiles Printing
• Furniture Cladding
• Custom Roller Blinds
• Commercial Window Graphics

• Glass Laminate Splashbacks
• Flooring & Ceiling Tiles
• Printed Table Tops
• Custom Mirror Designs
• Intricate, Printed Wall Art
If you want to create engaging, memorable spaces that leave visitors inspired – and if your attention to detail is as fastidious as ours – choose a Fujifilm Acuity for printing interior graphical decor and architectural elements. Get in touch  to speak to one of our print experts.

Be greener with an Acuity

UV and UV LED technology have many environmental benefits

We have GREENGUARD Gold certification, approved by UL, on our Uvijet AU and GS inks. None of these inks have any restrictions, so are considered suitable for wallpaper printing.

We also have AgBB certification, tested by Eurofins, on our Uvijet AU and GS inks, which means they comply with this German standard, also aimed at printed wallcoverings. Furthermore, our Uvijet AU and GS inks are approved for use by Nordic Swan Ecolabelled printing companies.

Eurofins also tested our Uvijet LL and RL inks for their sponge, wash, extra-wash and scrub ability. All four tests were performed on different patterns of the wallpaper and conformed to the standard EN 12956:1999-04 + A 1:2002-04. No ink degradation or colour modifications were observed.

Our low-odour inks make for a safer working environment

Energy-efficient curing systems, including UV LED, help save on energy use and bills

Low ink consumption reduces the ongoing use and cost of consumables

Our Uvijet inks have been certified safe for indoor applications by GREENGUARD, AgBB and Nordic Swan.

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