You’ll be impressed by the power of inkjet

Digital can enhance your print production by introducing a faster, simpler and more cost-effective process than screen printing. Here are just some of the benefits. Download our guide to discover more

UV inkjet printing

Reduce production time from 10 to 3 days*

UV inkjet printing eliminates the time and cost involved in the screen printing process. You can print multiple colours, and even white, instantaneously. And because an inkjet system can run unattended, you can streamline your workflow and take on more jobs.

UV inkjet for printing photographic images

Offer complex, eye-catching graphics and photographic images

UV inkjet can add value to your business offering by opening up a new world of design possibilities. This includes gradients and the ability to print photographic images. See the impressive quality for yourself by requesting a sample.

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Consistent colour printing

Samples, short runs and reprints

With UV inkjet, you can offer customers quick, cost-effective samples, short runs and re-prints. Matching colours will no longer be a concern. UV inkjet means you can offer perfectly matched, consistent colours from run to run.

We offer a range of UV inkjet systems suitable for printing membrane switch graphic overlays

Fujifilm's Acuity series is a popular range of roll-fed and flatbed printers, proven through hundreds of installations worldwide. For example, our Acuity LED 1600II is a roll-fed printer with a six-colours and white-ink set that prints at up to 14m2 per hour in its near photographic quality mode.

Whether you’re interested in a roll-fed or flatbed machine, UV LED-cured or conventional UV inks, looking to replace screen printing or simply complement it: we’re here to help you find your ideal inkjet solution.

Our machines complement our Sericol screen products: a full range of colours and backup whites.

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*We asked our customer, Elitronik, Turkey, about how an Acuity LED 1600 has helped their business. Since switching to UV inkjet, lead times have been dramatically reduced, they’ve been able to take on more work and turnover has trebled.

Replace screen printing with digital

Read more about the benefits of inkjet

And discover how switching to inkjet helped one customer overcome challenges in their membrane switch production process – and become even more competitive.

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Benefits of inkjet

Customer success story

Elitronik have been so impressed with their first Acuity LED 1600 in printing membrane switch graphic overlays that they’re investing in a second machine. Find out more about the reasons why it was such a good investment and why Fujifilm has been the ideal partner.

Eliminate screen printing materials
Low-cost print samples

The benefits of UV inkjet

  • Save time and money by eliminating screen-printing materials, equipment and setup
  • Eliminate human error
  • Reduce labour costs
  • Impress your customers with versatile, high-quality printing capable of better graphics and photography
  • Expand design possibilities
  • Print samples on demand at low cost
  • Offer low-cost short runs and reprints with consistent colour reproduction
  • Take on more work
  • Reduce waste associated with screen-printing
  • Print overnight with a roll-fed machine
  • Inkjet is cleaner and generates less heat and dust than screen printing
  • Improved ink adhesion to film
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