Our new PLATESENSE programme is revolutionising the world of pre-press. It comprises a number of initiatives to help you manage your plate production more efficiently, and ultimately reduce costs. At its heart, it is a programme to minimise the burden of plate production in whatever way possible, so that the costs and time involved in producing plates can be minimised and resources focussed elsewhere.

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Plate Production

The main idea behind PLATESENSE is for Fujifilm to take responsibility for managing a number of core elements of plate production. Fujifilm supplies the plates when you need them, but importantly, can also take care of your waste and aluminium collection, and service and maintain your processor. In terms of financing, you can either pay for all parts of the programme through one simple plate price, or finance the CTP equipment through the rental or swap-out programmes, leaving the rest to be financed through the plate contract. Either way, Fujifilm takes care of the rest, meaning your operational costs go down, and the hassle of managing your prepress department goes away.

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CTP Equipment

As part of the CTP equipment rental programme, Fujifilm will install and maintain the equipment, and remove the equipment at the end of the payment period, typically five years. We will agree a deposit (normally only 3 months payment up front), and a monthly payment plan with a choice of low or high payments.

This part of the PLATESENSE programme eliminates the capital expenditure required to upgrade or invest in a new platesetter, and provides a predictable and manageable cost. At the end of the payment period, you also have the opportunity to invest in new, better equipment. It is even possible for you to upgrade the equipment during the five year programme, subject to the financial arrangement being reviewed and recalculated.

The examples show typical monthly costs for a new high performance platesetter funded through the PLATESENSE programme

So you can gain all the quality and productivity benefits of a new platesetter for your business from only £1000 a month for a 4up device, or £1650 a month for an 8up device.

Payment period: 5 years
CTP engine Low monthly
High monthly
Luxel T-6500CTP £1,000 + VAT £2,200 + VAT
Luxel T-9500CTP
£1,650 + VAT £2,500 + VAT
Luxel T-9800CTP
£2,500 + VAT £3,500 + VAT

Equipment Swap-Out

If you already have a CTP device that you would like to swap out for a higher performance model, Fujifilm can offer an equipment swap-out programme as part of PLATESENSE.

Fujifilm will offer you a competitive buy-back deal to remove your existing engine. This value will then be offset against the monthly payment plan for a new CTP device on a rental programme (or you could take the money as cash).

Current platesetter value: £25k
New platesetter monthly cost: £3,500 + VAT
Payment period 5 years
Number of 'free' months 7months

A New Workflow

It is important your workflow keeps pace with the changes in your business, as otherwise it can have an effect on your efficiency and job turn-around times. As part of the PLATESENSE programme, Fujifilm can make upgrading your workflow as easy as possible, allowing you to take advantage of our industry-leading XMF solution. Again, this can be financed by applying a simple uplift to the plate price.


Full Managed Plate Production

The ultimate PLATESENSE solution is for Fujifilm to take full responsibility for all parts of your plate production. In addition to all the elements described in part 1 of the programme, Fujifilm would also take responsibility for your pre-press operators, with them effectively being outsourced to Fujifilm. This eliminates the hassle of plate production entirely, allowing you to concentrate on what matters the most, running your business.

The important thing to remember with PLATESENSE is that it is designed to be flexible. You can combine different elements to suit your business needs.


You can, for example, just rent a new CTP device and agree a monthly payment plan. Or, if your plate production equipment is reaching the end of its life, you can invest in a completely new suite of high performance equipment, including a new workflow, financed to suit the needs of your business and cash flow.


The PLATESENSE programme has also been built to be flexible over time. This means it is possible to change the programme as your business changes, subject to a new financing package.


Whether you switch plates or your entire plate making solution, we’ll make sure a transition to Fujifilm is simple and straightforward.

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